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(Long series of wars between Christians and
Muslims in Southwest Asia during the
Middle Ages)
The Crusades
 A long series of wars between Christians and
 Location: Southwest Asia (more specifically Palestine
and the holy city of Jerusalem)
 Time Period: 1095-1291 C.E.
Dispute over the Holy
 All three major religious groups claimed Jerusalem
as their holy city
It was the place
where Jesus was
crucified and
ascended to
It was the
location of
numerous biblical
accounts from
Abraham to
Place where the
Great Temple
once stood
It was the place
ascended to
Dome of the Rock
Key Figures and
 Crusades – A long series of wars between Christians
and Muslims in Southwest Asia
 Holy Land- Region that was sacred to Muslims, Jews
and Christians (Jerusalem/Palestine)
 Pope Urban II- Pope of the Roman Catholic Church
who ordered the Crusades to take place
 Byzantine Empire- The eastern half of the Roman
Empire that lasted until 1450 C.E. (capital at
Key Figures and
Vocabulary Cont’d
 Crusaders- people from all over Europe who
journeyed to the holy land to fight in the name of
 Muslim Turks- group who had control of the Holy
Land at the start of the 1st Crusade.
 King Richard I- called “Lion Heart” for his courage
fought against the Muslims during the 3rd Crusade.
 Saladin-known as one of the greatest generals of the
Middle Ages, he successfully held Jerusalem in the
3rd Crusade.
Crusade Questions
 Why would the Pope call on Catholics to take up
arms against the Muslims?
 What were the Reasons people in Europe went on a
 What was the end result of the crusades?
 How did prejudice and stereotypes shape specific
events in history?
Exit Card
Do you think the Crusades were a
worthy cause?
Why or Why Not? Use detail from
the story to support your case.
Essential Question
“Is it always true that those who do not learn from the
past are doomed to repeat it?”
Pop Culture Lyrics
“And he forgets will be destined to remember it.”