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The Crusades
The Crusades
• European Christians attempt to recapture
Jerusalem from the Muslims.
• There were eight Crusades in total that lasted
over a 200 year period.
The First Crusade (1096)
• Led by Godfrey of Bouillon.
• Drove Muslims from part of Palestine.
• Established a Christian kingdom in the Holy
• Gained control of Jerusalem.
The Third Crusade (1189)
• Leaders:
– Frederick Barbarossa of Germany
– Philip Augustus of France
– Richard the Lionhearted of England.
• Failed to recapture the Holy Land.
• Muslim leader, Saladin, allowed safe passage
for Christians.
The Effects of the Crusades
• Broadened the outlook of Europeans.
• Stimulated Trade and Towns.
• Strengthened Kings or Central Governments.
• Weakened Serfdom.
• Encouraged Learning.