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Evolution Review
Vocabulary – Look up the definition for the following words. Write down word and definition
on a sheet of paper, index card, or on the back of this review.
Vestigial Organs
Genetic Evidence
Analogous Structure
Homologous Structure
Questions: Vocabulary above will be helpful in answers the questions below.
1. List examples of variation?
2. Many organisms in the Galapoagos have evolved to become new species with the help
of ___________________.
3. By what process would Darwin have explained the fact that the tortoise from Abingdon
Island evolved a long neck?
4. What is Jean Baptiste de Lamark’s theory on why species evolve?
5. When a population in a specific area is isolated into groups, _________________ occurs.
6. Over time, a river caused one population of salamander’s to become separated into two
populations. Years later these two populations came together and were unable to
breed. This is an example of _____________________.
7. The process through which species develop new traits is called ____________________.
8. A _____________________ is a group of organisms whose offspring can breed.
9. Birds that we see today come in a variety of shapes and sizes because of
10. Out of the thousands of eggs a female salmon lays, only several dozen will reach
adulthood. This is an example of ______________________.
11. Why did Darwin find so many differences between the finches in the Galapagos Islands?
12. What is Darwin’s theory on natural selection?
13. Scientists use ________________________ systems to organize and communicate
about organisms.
14. Scientists compare the components of one organism’s DNA with those of another
organism’s DNA to find ________________________ of a common ancestor.
15. What is Lamarck’s explanation for changes in the fossil record?
16. A slight change in a rabbit’s ability to hear its predators better and help it survive is
17. What is necessary for speciation to occur?
18. Why is the theory of evolution widely accepted by the scientific community?
19. Genetic evidences are based on the study of common ancestors. What is a common
20. Bird and butterfly wings have the same function (flight) but are very different in
structure. This makes them a(n) ________________________ structure.
21. The forelimbs of bats, lizards and monkeys are similar in structure but not in function.
They are called _____________________ structures.