Download Selective Breeding – the purposeful breeding of plants and animals

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Selective Breeding – the purposeful
breeding of plants and animals for specific
Evolution – gradual changes in a species
over time, that leads to the development of
new species.
Competition – struggle for survival between
members of the same species, as well as
between different species.
Homologous Structures – similar body
structures that related species inherited from
a common ancestor. Examples include the
flipper of the dolphin, wing of the bird, and
leg of the dog.
Mutation – a change in the DNA that is
usually bad, but at times can be beneficial or
Evolutionary Branching Tree – a diagram
that shows how species are related, and their
common ancestors.
Lamarck – put forth the theory that
organisms adapt to fit into their
environment. Example – the giraffe’s neck.
Darwin said that organisms are already
changed to fit into their environments.
Lucy – is an ancestor of modern humans.