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Chapter 5 Study Guide
7th Grade Science
JUNIOR BIOLOGIST_____________________________________PERIOD__________
What are 2 signs that different species may have a common ancestor?
2. Give some examples of natural selection?
3. Who was Charles Darwin?
4. What is the process consisting of separation, adaptation, and division known as?
5. Why can many insects adapt very quickly to insecticides?
6. What is the process by which populations slowly change over time called?
7. What process often begins by a portion of a population becoming physically or
geographically separated?
8. When certain genes make organisms more likely to survive and reproduce, which process can
9. Scientists compare organisms’ DNA to support the theory that all species share a common
10. What is natural selection?
11. What is a characteristic that improves an organism’s ability to survive called?
Chapter 5 Study Guide
7th Grade Science
12. Darwin’s theory that individuals having an advantage due to their traits or abilities will be
more likely to survive and reproduce. His theory is known as
13. What are trace remains of organisms called?
14. What does speciation create?
15. What can two different species have in common?
16. What did Charles Darwin help to explain?
17. What helped Darwin create his theory of evolution?
18. What helps an organism survive its environment?
19. What is a trait?
20. Give examples of Natural Selection.
21. What is it called when part of the population moves away from the rest?
22. What is it called when separated groups of a population cannot mate with each other?
23. After visiting the Galapagos Islands, why did Darwin wait to publish his ideas on evolution
and natural selection?
Chapter 5 Study Guide
7th Grade Science
24. Over the years, the excessive use of antibiotics has resulted in the development of what
scientists call “super bacteria”. These super bacteria are resistant to antibiotics. This is an
example of ________________ in action.
25. Which features gives evidence that whales possibly inherited from a four-legged ancestor?