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Key Vocabulary Terms
__________ Natural Selection
A. The branch of biology that studies the formation
and early development of living organisms.
__________ Evolution
B. Process by which individuals that are better suited
to their environment survive and reproduce most
successfully; also called natural selection.
__________ Adaptation
C. Dealing with the geographical distribution of
animals and plants
__________ Species
D. The process of gradual change in a species over
__________ Fitness
E. A trait that helps an organism survive and
__________ Extinction
F. The history of life found in fossils buried in the
layers of the Earth.
__________ Fossil
G. The process where organisms that are most fit for
their environment survive and reproduce.
__________ Population
H. Darwin’s study of flora and fauna on these islands
influenced his theory of evolution by natural
__________ Variation
I. A group of similar organisms that can mate to
produce fertile offspring.
__________ Fossil Record
J. The trace or remains of an organism from long ago
that have been preserved.
__________ Mutation
K. The ability to survive and reproduce.
__________ Biogeography
L. A group of the same species in the same place at
the same time.
__________ Embryology
M. Proposed that all life shares common ancestry.
__________ Morphology
N. A change or alteration in form or qualities.
__________ Survival of the Fittest
O. The difference in traits that exist within a
__________ Galapagos
P. The branch of biology that deals with the structure
of animals and plants.
__________ Charles Darwin
Q. When an entire species dies out.