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4. Metering Database
4.2 Using the Metering Database
After reviewing this section, you will be able to:
Describe when and how metering data can be accessed
Give examples of metering data reports available via MV-WEB
When and How Can the Data Be Accessed?
You can access metering data in the database the day following the dispatch day –
after that, it is available throughout each of the data processing stages.
You can access data by submitting queries to the database via MV-WEB.
Information is available on actual, estimated, edited, adjusted, and allocated data.
You can process database query requests for standalone RWMs on-line. The data is
available in graphical display format or you can download it as a text file.
Multiple RWM Data Requests
For database query requests for metering data from multiple RWMs, you can submit a
request file via the MV-WEB system or via FTP (file transfer protocol)
Requests are processed overnight and are available for downloading the next day as a
data file in EDI-867 format (bulk data transfer)
(EDI data requests can also be made for standalone RWMs)
Query Request
The query request specifies:
The meter ID, summary meter ID or delivery point
The type and quantity of metering data
The metering data version (e.g., current validated, losses applied, etc.)
The query time period
The graphical display type requested for the report
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