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2. Data Validation, Estimation and Edit
Section 2 Review
Questions: Data Validation, Estimation and Edit
1. For a main/alternate metering installation, the automated validation compares:
Data from 2 IESO-approved meters
Historical meter data
Neither of the above
2. The point-to-point estimation method:
a) Uses a straight line to join the missing interval (point before and after the gap)
b) Uses points from the same day and interval three weeks previous
c) Uses data from the alternate meter
3. Data validation is carried out by:
a) On-site validation by MSP
b) Validation by MMP, submitted via MV-WEB
c) The MV-90 and other systems
4. If there is a discrepancy in metering data, the benefit of the doubt is given to:
a) The MMP for the meter in question
b) The marketplace in general, rather than the MMP for the meter in question
c) Any embedded market participants for the meter in question
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Revenue Metering
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