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1. Overview
A metered market participant (MMP) is designated for each registered wholesale meter.
The MMP is responsible for that metering installation. The MMP, in turn, notifies us of
the metering service provider (MSP) for the metering installation. (A market participant
may be an MSP or may contract with an MSP).
The MSP registers and services the metering installation. A list of authorized MSPs is
available on our web site, under the Metering section.
Metered market participants, the IESO, metering service providers, and transmitters all
have distinct roles regarding the metering installation and processing of metering data:
Metered Market Participant
Provides and is responsible for the metering installation
Is responsible for the accuracy of metering data
Gives us the name and contact information of the associated MSP
Collects metering data daily
Processes metering data
Issues meter trouble reports to MSPs and assesses the validity of the data provided
Maintains the metering database
Responds to market participant enquiries
Provides settlement statements derived from the metering data
Metering Service Provider
Registers the metering installation
Maintains the metering installation
Responds to meter trouble reports and investigates metering issues
Provides edited metering data
Provides correction factors where necessary
Tell us who transmission customers are and how customers are billed (i.e., which
assets and functions they use)
Approve totalization tables
Revised: July 2012
Revenue Metering
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