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4. Metering Database
Who Has Access to the Metering Database?
Although we have a structured VEE process for detecting and resolving metering errors, it
is also the responsibility of the MP and MMP to review the database entries as soon as
possible after data collection to notify us of any discrepancies. This ensures that metering
data inaccuracies are addressed before we issue the preliminary settlement statement and
before the data is used as part of invoice calculations.
The metering data stored in the database, with respect to a delivery point (and all
associated meters that make up the delivery point), is accessible to:
The MMP for that delivery point
The MSP for those RWMs
Any market participant whose settlement statement is determined on the basis of the
metering data recorded in those RWMs
Any transmitter or distributor connected to a facility using those RWMs
An MP that has been assigned as an associate by the MMP who owns those RWMs
(The MMP assigns the MSP and the LDC or transmitter during delivery point
Metering data recorded in the database is confidential information. Data is not accessible
by or disclosed to any person other than IESO staff and the persons described above.
Revised: July 2012
Revenue Metering
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