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2. Data Validation, Estimation and Edit
2.2 Data Validation
Given the type of registered wholesale meter, describe the process for validating
metering data
The first VEE step, data validation, verifies data reliability by submitting the data to a
number of automated and manual system tests. These tests are performed as the data is
retrieved, before the data is used for any settlement purpose.
The data validation process detects meter data errors resulting from:
Improper operational conditions
Loss of current or loss of voltage
Hardware or software malfunctions, including failures of, or errors in, metering or
communication hardware
We detect metering data errors:
When metering data exceeds predefined variances or tolerances (called ‘load profile
By comparing meter data between the main and alternate meters
When a validation failure occurs, we issue a meter trouble report to the MSP, and we
also send an email notification of the meter trouble report type to the MMP.
Revised: July 2012
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