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3. Totalization
Skill Check:
Questions: Totalization – Introduction
1. Which of the following are included in totalization table information?
a) How readings are to be totaled by the metering database
b) The measurement error correction factors
c) The losses to be applied
d) All of the above
2. The summary meter is:
a) A meter physically present at a site which transmits data about the totals for all
the meters from that particular location
b) A virtual meter which is considered a marker in the metering database that
accumulates meter readings from physical meters and/or other virtual meters
c) A physical meter which contains the totalization table and performs the
calculations at its actual location
3. Which of the following items are part of totalization calculations?
a) Totaling metering data for a specific delivery point
b) Validating the metering data
c) Adding and/or subtracting metering data quantities for delivery points using the
same meter point
d) Applying losses
e) Estimating amounts to replace missing data
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Revenue Metering
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