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New sub meter handles all ranges – good for
environment and economy
For the first time, it is possible to handle sub metering in an energy-intensive
industry over all voltage ranges using only a single meter. This is the result of
a new generation of sub meters from ABB Automation Technologies now being
simultaneously launched in several European countries. The meter, named
DELTAplus, can be connected to a newly developed adaptor so that it can work
with a serial communication unit once it has been installed and set up.
The philosophy is that it should be possible to measure energy consumption where
the energy is used, thus showing where costs are in the production chain, and where
savings can be made. Along with this, there is also decision support for distribution of
energy costs.
The new electricity meter has a wide voltage range which is unique for this type of
meter. The range covers 3 x 57-288 / 100-500 (4-lead) or 3 x 100-500 (3-lead) read
off in volts. For directly connected meters, there is also an unusually high current
capacity of 80A maximum.
Using an optional adaptor, serial communication is possible, so that readings can be
taken more often, and more precisely. A standardised protocol, which, together with
the adaptor, provides flexibility, means that there is no need to keep to a single type
of technology. Measured values are displayed directly on screen, or are sent to a
computer. DELTAplus also comes with an integrated interface for M-bus, EIB and
LON communications. Programming of meters is carried out via two buttons which
can also be locked for security. Power consumption and other values can be
continuously read out direct from the display.
DELTAplus meters are certificated to IEC 61036 for active energy and IEC 61268 for
reactive energy. This is not usual for this type of meter, so that DELTAplus easily
meets the official requirements set for reliable technology, function under various
climatic conditions, electromagnetic radiation, etc, and, not least, quality of measured
values. DELTAplus is thus approved by several institutions, such as PTB (Germany),
NMI (Holland), and the Swedish Testing and Research Institute, SP.
The technology is applicable not only in the industrial context. The equipment works
just as well in, eg, modern shopping malls, housing co-operatives, and apartment
buildings. All experience shows that simply fitting one meter actually reduces energy
consumption because consumers become more economical
’We are seeing increased interest and a wide market for sub metering in a growing
number of contexts’, points out Stig Högberg, Product Manager for ABB Automation
Technologies AB, a company which has worked with meters for more than fifteen
years. ’Correct metering not only supplies information on energy consumption at a
given location. It also provides better support for decisions on production
reorganisation, sales from all or part of a company, or outsourcing’.
Use of sub meters is not only a short-term financial concept: it also has a long-term
environmental aspect. In the background are factors such as the Kyoto Agreement
on emission reductions. Also, the EU has issued a Directive requiring that, from 2006
onwards, all buildings constructed, sold, or rented, will have to undergo
environmental certification using independent experts. Certificates will contain items
such as recommendations for cost-effective improvements in the energy area.
Common technical data
• Meets IEC61036 (active energy) and IEC61268 (reactive energy)
• Directly connected 5(80) A
• CT connected 1(6) A for current/voltage transformers
• CT-VT programmable conversion number
• Accuracy classes 1 and 2
• 2 or 4 tariffs
• Communikation via pulses and/or serial connection
• Automatic installation check
• Instrumentation
• 7-digit display
• IR output
• Ambient temperatur -40 °C to +55 °C
For further information, please contact;
General contact: Mats Karlberg Oddy, Project Leader, Marketing Communications,
ABB Automation Technologies AB, Nyköping, Sweden
Tel: +46 155 29 52 09, e-mail [email protected]
Technical contact: Stig Högberg, Product manager,
ABB Automation Technologies AB, Nyköping, Sweden
Tel: +46 155 29 51 42, e-mail [email protected]