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Write down the lesson name and
Answer the following writing prompt in
their notebooks.
 How
was Humanism important to
the development of the
Renaissance? Explain in complete
Results of the Black Death?
Increased trade with Asia and other regions
Growth of large, wealthy city-states in Italy
Renewed interest in the classical learning of
ancient Greece and Rome
Rise of rich and powerful merchants, who
became patrons of the arts
Increased desire for scientific and technical
Desire to beautify cities
Trade with Asia
By the late 1300’s the Black Death horrors were
One positive result of the the Black PlagueSince the disease did not damage buildings,
ships, farmland, machines, or gold, survivors
were able to use these things to produce more
food as well as make new products
As goods became available, prices went down,
and people were able to buy things that they
Therefore, there was an increase in trade
Trade Cities in Italy
There were four northern
Italian cities that became
major trading centers by
the 1300’s
Florence was a banking
and trade center
The city’s wealthy
leaders used their
money to make the city
Impressive buildings
Magnificent artwork
The Medici Family’s
Spent money on Florence, making it the most beautiful
and the most powerful state in Italy
Spent their wealth on having the largest library in Europe
Founded the Platonic Academy and supported artists by
feeding them, educating, them, and providing them with
Some of these artists were Donatello, Michelangelo, and
Florence became the cultural center of Europe and was
known as an art center and the cradle of New Humanism
Beginning of the Renaissance
The Medici family was
very interested in the
rebirth of art and
education in Europe, and
with their support the
Renaissance flourished
Renaissance means
“rebirth” and refers to the
period of time following
the Middle Ages
Donato Bramante: S. Maria presso S.
Satiro, Milan, c. 1485
Social Classes in the United States
Feudal System during Middle Ages
Italian Social Structure during the
We will complete the chart as a class
Role Playing activity
Based on the character or job you received,
answer the following questions concerning the
Middle Ages and Renaissance:
What class would your person be in?
What rights would that person have and not
have during that time period?
Is that fair or unfair? Explain.
Exit Ticket
Class Discussion:
Should rights be based on birth?
 Should rights be based on jobs?
 What should rights be based on?