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SS221 Renaissance Vocabulary Definitions
Florence: city in Italy that became the center for the Italian Renaissance
Humanism: an intellectual movement that focused on human potential
and achievements
Patrons: a person or group who supports artists financially
Renaissance: “rebirth”; a revival of art and learning
Perspective: art technique that shows three dimensions on a flat surface
Vernacular: native, everyday language
Secular: concerned with worldly rather than spiritual matters
Flanders: city that became the center for the Northern Renaissance
Medici Family: banking family who ruled the city of Florence; one of the
greatest patrons of the arts
Machiavelli: author of The Prince- guidebook of how to gain and keep
Shakespeare: regarded as the greatest playwright of all time; looked to
the classics for inspiration and plots
Michelangelo: painter, sculptor, architect, and poet; famous for how he
portrayed the human body; Sistine Chapel and the statue of David
Raphael: studied Michelangelo and da Vinci; use of perspective;
Madonna and child; School of Athens
da Vinci: painter, sculptor, inventor, and scientist; Mona Lisa and The Last
Supper; only 17 of his paintings survived
Classical: art of ancient Greece and Rome