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Renaissance Art
• Three dimensions on flat surface
– Classical artists had used it, but abandoned during
Middle Ages
Vanishing Point
• Parallel lines stretch away from viewer, they
seem to draw together, until they meet at a
spot on the horizon.
• Art had dimension
• Leonardo’s Mona Lisa
– Questions to Ponder
• Made sculpture more realistic by carving
natural postures and expressions which reveal
Leonardo da Vinci
• Painter, sculptor, inventor, scientist
• Renaissance Man
• Dissected corpses to understand muscle
movements and how veins were arranged.
• Keep notebooks of findings (wrote backwards)
• Get drawings – helicopter, body, Last Supper
Most famous Reaissance Man
Sculptor, engineer, painter, architect, poet
Pieta, David, Sistine Chapel
Depicts biblical history of world from Creation
to the Flood.,
– Four years he laied on his back on a platform just
a few inches below the chapel ceiling.
• Studied Leonardo and Michelangelo
• Paintings blended Christian and classical styles
• Madonna, School of Athens
Sofonisba Anguissola
• First woman artist to gain an international
Renaissance Architecture
• Did not maintain Gothic style of the Middle
• Embraced columns, arches and domes favored
by the Greeks and Romans.
• Filippo Brunelleschi
Renaissance Writer
• The Prince (1513)- Basically- How to rule your
country for dummies.
• Wrote in vernacular writing- own language
rather than Latin