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Florence was and is…
 A city in Italy with many wealthy
 Where the Renaissance began.
The Renaissance…
 Began in Florence because the
artists, architects, writers and
sculptors needed wealthy people to
pay them for their work.
One Wealthy Family…
 Named the De Medici family were
wealthy bankers from Florence.
 They paid for many early
Renaissance works of art.
Great room at the De Medici home
The De Medici Family…
 Supported artists such as Leonardo da
Vinci, Michelangelo, Botticelli, and
Raphael who all began their artistic
careers in Florence.
 Was a philosophy that
almost all of the leaders
of the Renaissance
believed in.
 Ancient Greek philosophers like
Socrates, Plato and Aristotle
thought that the Greek gods were
not real and that human beings
should solve their own problems.
 Was the ideas of the Greek
philosophers in a new form.
 Humanism was a celebration of
human accomplishment and
 Was an idea that said that
relying on God to solve all of
mankind’s problems leads to
disaster. (Black Death)
 Was an idea that said that
human beings have the ability
and the responsibility to solve
their own problems.
 Scientists of the Renaissance
focused on solving problems by
gaining more knowledge in
science, architecture, literature
and math.
 Artists of the Renaissance
focused on realism.
 Making the people in their
paintings and sculptures look as
realistic as possible.