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Renaissance and
Chapter 16
The Italian Renaissance
 Renaissance
 Time
– 1350 – 1600
of a cultural awakening
 First
began in Italian
 Close
to Roman and
Greek Empires
strong interest in classic writings
 Education and Literature
 Humanists
 Taught
opened schools
history, philosophy, Latin, Greek
 Inspired
writings of daily life
 sonnets were popular
 Niccolo Machiavelli – The Prince
 The
end justifies the means
 Scholars
began challenging authority
City Life
Cities were stronger in Italy
Social Groups
Easier to discard feudalism
Wealth and ability mattered now
Individual city-states
 Ruled
by a wealthy family
Unrest created a need for a strong
 When fights occurred, the wealthy sent the
military to fight
City Life
Under rule of the Medici family
 Supported artists, writers, and philosophers
 Relied on textile industry
 1400s
England started competing
Savonarola said Medici family’s
ways were ruining Florence
 Over-threw,
created stricter laws
 Eventually hanged for heresy
 Medici family returned to power
City Life
 Rome
 1500
Rome replaced Florence
 Renaissance Popes rebuilt city
 Venice
 Rivaled
Rome by end of 1500s
 Situated to maintain a trade monopoly
with Asia
 Republican form of government
 Elected
doges to head
 Council of Ten
Artistic Achievements
 Architecture
 Returned
to classical styles
 Sculpture
 Sculptures
resemble classical
 Medici family opened a
school for sculptors
and Ghiberti
Artistic Achievements
 Painting
 Departed
from flat, symbolic style
 Painted more realistic scenes
 Leonardo da Vinci – citizen of Florence
Mona Lisa and The Last Supper
 Also
a scientist
 Drew
out plans for parachutes, flying machines
and more
 Micelangelo
 Painted
the Sistine Chapel