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Engineering an Empire:
Da Vinci’s World
1. In the 12th and 13th centuries, Italy is beginning its rebirth because what’s happening is that
is being reinstituted onto the peninsula, mainly through the Holy Roman Empire.
2. New rulers of the Italian city-states emerge, they are the
3. Wealth bought power and power could buy
and architecture.
4. The foundation for the Renaissance is
. Everything that happens in the Renaissance
from art, to architecture, engineering, literature, all depend upon the city.
5. Why did Siena stop being a center of power in Italy?
6. Humanism is an interest in the
7. Renaissance literally means
, or revival.
8. The da Medici’s, one of the wealthiest families in Florence led the way to regain the glory that had been
, restoring it in Florence.
9. Patrons are using artists and architects to celebrate
10. The Duomo, or cathedral of Florence, was finished by
11. Brunelleschi studied
architecture, especially the
12. What is the single point of perspective in the distance called?
allowed the concept of a blueprint to emerge)
13. Pope Pius II commissioned an
14. What new weapon could destroy medieval walls?
15. Italy’s center of power and glory would now return to the city that conquered the world:
16. Why did the focus shift back to Rome?
17. To clean up Rome, Pope Sixtus V had all the vandals rounded up and
18. Many people think that it is with the Renaissance that
culture begins.