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What was the name given to the
major east-west trade route?
Silk Road
Name 3 things that were
passed along the silk road.
Ideas (religion, science, music, etc) goods,
What was the goal of the
medieval crusades?
Recover the holy lands from the Muslims.
Why is the feudal system
shaped like a pyramid?
The base of the feudal system needed
to have enough members to support
the upper tiers.
How did Black Death change
the way people saw the
People questioned their status in
society; their religion.
Cities began to grow
because of this.
Increased trade.
What class of people began to
grow as a result of cities?
Merchant class
How did Italy’s geography help it’s
city-states prosper? (2)
1. Mountains to the north protected
from invaders.
2. Well developed, easily accessible
ports (ocean access)
Why was the power of the church
less in Italy at the time of the rise of
the city-states?
The papacy was moved to
Avignon in southern France.
What did the Medici
family do that resulted in
Florence becoming the
center of Italian
They supported artists,
architects, and scholars. Ideals
of citizenship were promoted.
Why were ideas of the
Renaissance slow to spread
in some areas of Europe?
1. Feudalism was more entrenched
in the rich agricultural lands.
2. War
3. Religion
What allowed ideas to spread
more quickly?
- Invading armies took ideas from Italy
- Italian craftsman and scholars were
brought to northern courts.
- Europe entered a time of peace
What are some of the advantages
of the printing press?
- Books could be produced much
- Ideas could be shared more easily.
How did art further spread
the ideas of the renaissance?
- Created more realistic images of life
- Traveled more, shared ideas
- Art became more personal
- Artists were respected for their
creative genius and paid
How did humanism further the
study of science and math?
Scientists and mathematicians used
reasoning and observation to analyze
the world. They search for
explanations to natural events rather
than accept “spiritual” answers.
When did the idea of nations
begin to develop?
In the renaissance
What did the monarchs use to
overpower the nobles?
Taxes from cities to purchase
gunpowder, and mercenaries.
How did the printing press
contribute to the building of
Books written in the vernacular languages
provided a common history and common
heros for people of a region.
How did monarchs
support the growth of
urban centers?
Improved trade laws and lifted trade
How did the exploration of
new lands lead to a sense of
national identity?
People developed a collective pride in
the discoveries.
Why did Western Europe need
a new trade route to Asia?
Turks conquered Constantinople in
What two instruments improved ship
Compass, quadrant, astrolabe, and
printing press made maps available
What did the countries
involved in exploration hope
to gain?
Wealth and Power
In which direction did Portuguese
explorers first set out?
South down the coast of Africa, then east to
What was Europe’s imperialist
nations thought that they had the
right to control their colonies
based on?
Based on a belief of cultural and political
What were the 3 major Italian citystates?
Florence, Venice, Genoa
How did Martin Luther set out
to change the Roman Catholic
Listed 95 reforms he felt the church
had to make.
What is the term referring to
the local dialect?
Who is the head of the
Anglican Church?
Ruling King or Queen of England.
List 3 examples of worldviews that we
hold today that were born of ideas from
the renaissance?
Importance of the individual
A high material standard of living
Importance of education
Governments based on democracy
Laws that guarantee the rights and
freedoms of citizens.