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Chapter 2- Expansion and Trade Review Sheet
Worldview Icons- Geography, Economy, Society
How did GEOGRAPHY impact the Renaissance in Italy?
- Central Location Close to Europe, Middle East and Africa
- Access to Ocean Ports on the East, West, and South ends of Italy
Middle East
Mild Climate No harsh winter to interrupt trade, meaning trade can go on all year long
The crusades
Religious wars fought between the Christians and Muslims. REMEMBER Christians
believed that ALL people should be Christians and sought control of the Holy Land
Effect/Result of the Crusades
o Discovers luxury goods: pepper, spices, silk, oil, fruit etc…
o BUT more importantly, they discovered new IDEA’S!!!
 Why? Because Muslim Civilization was far more advanced in terms of
technology, science and other knowledge
Access to Ocean/Trade routes + Inter-cultural Contact (due to the
Crusades)= A changing Italian Society
How did society change?
FROM Medieval Feudalism Social Hierarchy is based upon Nobility/Royalty
TO Renaissance City-States Social Hierarchy based upon how much money you made.
MORE $$$ = MORE Power
Due to several factors (Chapter One) we saw an increase in Urbanization (movement from
RURAL[country] to URBAN [city] centres)
For example: THE BLACK DEATH
How you ask??
THE BLACK DEATH  30 000 000 lives lost Decrease in serfs  Increased demand for
paid labour  Decrease or decline of Feudalism
Increased Towns and Increase in Paid Labour= More money to be spent
People meet demand for goods to make more money
Rising merchant class (people trying to make money through selling goods)
Increased trade (and competition) to get goods to sell
= Wealthy Businessmen and a Merchant Class
Money = Power
So… Merchants = Power
Resulting in New Ruling Class
More money means you need a system to handle the money.  Banks and Ursuries
(interest) are created during this period to fund expenses like trade and expeditions that
require a lot of money.
Competition in trade lead to travel between City-States for business.
Each City-State wanted to be the best of the best so… They encouraged the Arts and
Architecture to make their cities grand and appealing
Those who visited Italy from outside Italy, saw it’s magnificence and sought to copy it.
Spreading Italian values and idea’s across Europe.
Therefore, we see the spreading of the RENAISSANCE!! This is the magic of trade folks!
The Medici’s “The Mob of The Renaissance”
A famous and powerful family in Florence
Money from wool and banking
Gained power via alliances and marriages within Europe
o Four Pope’s
o Two royal wives of French Kings
Became Dukes of Florence
In 1434, Cosimo de Medici was rich enough to buy support and exile enemies
Continues to grow their fortune
They also wanted to make Florence impressive, leading to an establishment of culture
like the Arts and Architecture
o Sponsored: Leonardo da Vinci, Botticelli, Michelangelo All famous
Renaissance men.