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Explain the conditions in
Italy that gave rise to the
Italy’s Advantages
1300-1600: Movement in Italy
Explosion of creativity in art, writing, and
This period called The Renaissance
Term means rebirth
 Refers to revival of art and learning
 Educated men and women of Italy
hoped to bring back to life culture of
classical Greece and Rome
Renaissance spreads to rest of Europe
Italy had three advantages that make it
(1) Thriving City-States
Overseas trade from Crusades
led to growth of city-states in
Northern Italy
Region had many towns
Ideal breading ground for
intellectual ideas
(2) Merchants and Medici
Wealthy merchant class developed in
Italian City-States
Dominated politics
 Succeeded in business
Late 1200’s, city-state of Florence had
a republican form of government
Florence came under rule of the Medici
 Medici most powerful banking family
(3) Looking to Greece & Rome
Renaissance scholars looked down
on art & literature of Middle Ages
Wanted to return to the learning of
the Greeks and Romans
Achieved in several ways
Artists & scholars drew inspiration from
ruins of Rome
 Studied ancient Latin manuscripts
 Studied Christian Manuscripts