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to tk ReI(at~.rQl(ee.
New interest in
Reawakening, rebirth
Why did it be!!in in Italv?
survived the Middle Ages
Many cities were
Wealthy and powerful
promoted cultural rebirth - stressed education, individual achievement, spent
lavishly to support the arts
Florence and the Medici's
Medici family of Florence organized a successful
Cosimo gained control of Florentine
His grandson -
, very rich
in 1434
- clever politician who held Florence together in the late 1400s
Lorenzo "The Magnificent" - great
What was the Renaissance'!
Time of
in political, social, economic, and cultural areas
1. New world view - reawakened interest in
of Greece and Rome
Medieval scholars focused on life after death, Renaissance thinkers focused on
of now
Emphasis on individual
2. Spirit of A dvellture
Renaissance led to
, curiosity (ex. Christopher Columbus)
3. Huma,. _n- heart ofItalian Renaissance
Focused on
rather than on religious issues like Middle Ages
Believed that education should stimulate the individual's
Returned to
in schools - rhetoric, poetry, history
Francesco Petrarch - early Renaissance humanist, assembled library of Greek and Roman manuscripts
The Arts
Portrayed religious figures but with Greek/Roman
Painted well-known figures of the day
- made a life size statue of soldier on horseback (1st
Studied/revived many Greek and Roman works - ex.
since ancient times)
New Techniques
. Used
Usedperspective(3 dimensional)
Portrayed human body more accurately than in Middle Ages
Women Artists
Some women overcame limits on education and training to become artists
Some gained acceptance (ex. Sofonisba Angrissola)
Renaissance artists rejected
of Middle Ages
favored by Greeks/Romans (ex. Cathedral in Florence - done by
Filippo Brunelleschi - modeled from the Pantheon in Rome)