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Scientific Programme
Tuesday, 10 May
Meet-the-Expert Sessions
Lecture Hall Polymyxins: old becomes new
Amber 2 Experts: Lisa Saiman (New York, US);
07:45 – 08:45
Francesco Menichetti (Pisa, IT)
• To describe the mechanism of action of colistin
• To analyse clinical study designs for colistin
in cystic fibrosis and non-CF patients
• To provide examples for the complexity of
in vitro susceptibility and synergy studies
involving colistin
• The risk for the emergence of resistance
to colistin and the ways to prevent this
(combination therapy?)
• Different view on daily dose related to the
PK/PD profile
Lecture Hall Infection prevention and diagnostics in
Amber 3 critically ill patients in the ICU
07:45 – 08:45 Experts: Massimo Antonelli (Rome, IT);
Marc J. Bonten (Utrecht, NL)
Lecture Hall Vertical and horizontal infection control:
Brown 1 pros and cons
07:45 – 08:45 Experts: Margreet Vos (Rotterdam, NL);
Maria Luisa Moro (Bologna, IT)
Lecture Hall Interferon-gamma release assays in TB
Brown 2 diagnosis
07:45 – 08:45
Expert: Roland Diel (Hannover, DE)
• attributable mortality of VAP
• diagnosis of VAP
• prevention of VAP (non-antibiotics)
• topical antibiotics to prevent VAP
(SDD and SOD)
Lecture Hall Tropical mycoses: emerging IFIs in Europe?
Amber 4 Experts: Olivier Lortholary (Paris, FR);
07:45 – 08:45
Jacques Meis (Nijmegen, NL)
• To identify the epidemiology of travel related
IFI in Europe
• To provide clinic al cases of imported IFI
in both immunocompetent and immunocompromised hosts
• To recognise emerging risk factors for
endemic mycoses
• To realise that endemic fungi can reactivate
late after travel in endemic areas
Arranged with the ESCMID Fungal Infection
Study Group (EFISG)
• To understand the differences among
horizontal and vertical infection control
• To take into account the setting
(epidemiological characteristics, dynamics
of transmission, prevention possibilities,
resources available) when deciding for a
vertical approach
• To discuss horizontal and vertical approaches
with three examples (MRSA, ESBL,
• To describe the current evidence on the
accuracy of IGRAs in detecting latent TB
• To gain a better understanding of the role of
IGRAs when considering preventive therapy
• To underscore the advantages of IGRA testing
in immunocompromised patients
• To discuss the topics on which further
research is required
Expert: Christoph Lange (Borstel, DE)
• Interferon-gamma release assays for
detecting active TB
Lecture Hall Laboratory identification of beta-lactamases
Silver in Gram-negative strains with multiple enzymes
07:45 – 08:45 Experts: David Livermore (London, UK);
Gian Maria Rossolini (Siena, IT)
• To identify which antibiograms suggest the
presence of multiple beta-lactamases
• To know the phenotypic tests to confirm the
presence of multiple enzymes
• To know which genetic tests to apply and when
• To know what to send to a reference lab
21st ECCMID / 27th ICC / Milan
Final Programme