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Poster Sessions
Performance of Gen-Probe’s Aptima®
Assays for Chlamydia trachomatis and
Neisseria gonorrhoeae on the Panther™
C. Clark, M. Archer, J. Gilker, M. Hunsicker,
S. Lang*, T. Le-Nguyen, C. Motta, C. Nguyen,
J.K. Pham, T. Trsic, M. Vi, L. Villegas, B. Vinluan,
C. Vu, A. Williams, A. Worlock (San Diego, US)
A novel, automated DNA extraction method
from cervical SurePath® specimens
C. Kupfer*, K. Lindebaum, C. Papadopoulos,
J. Giles, T. Hanselle, M. Sprenger-Haussels
(Hilden, DE; Gaithersburg, US)
Variability of ompC and ompF porin genes
in multi-resistant clinical isolates of E. coli
B. Ruiz del Castillo*, E. Roman, G. Moncalian,
L. Martinez-Martinez (Santander, ES)
Cloning, soluble expression and immunoreactivity of HIV-1 CRF35_AD p24 protein
in fusion with HP-thioredoxin from an
Iranian clinical isolate
M. Farajollahi*, Z. Sharifi, F. Gorgipor
(Tehran, IR)
Campylobacter jejuni cmeA/B transcription
in poultry and human
M. Dzieciol*, M. Wagner, I. Hein (Vienna, AT)
The impact of rapid identification with
PNA FISH® of selected bacteria and yeasts
from blood cultures on antibiotic treatment
and clinical advice: a cross-sectional study
of 123 episodes of bacteraemia in 118 patients
S.H. Hartzen*, H. Colding
(Hillerød, Copenhagen, DK)
Characterisation of probiotic and
antioxidative properties of Nisin A producer
L. lactis LL27 strain
D. Kaya Ozdogan, N. Akkoc*, P. Sanlibaba,
M. Akcelik (Ankara, TR)
CagA status and VacA subtypes of Helicobacter
pylori in relation to gastrointestinal
complications in Iranian population
S. Saberi*, M. Douraghi, F. Ebrahimzadeh,
Y. Talebkhan, S. Jahangiri, P. Hassanpour,
N. Mohajerani, E. Mostafavi, N. Rakhshani,
M. Mohagheghi, M. Eshagh Hosseini,
M. Mohammadi (Tehran, IR)
The association of MDR1 gene C3435T
polymorphism with CMV reactivation
in patients with multiple myeloma
N. Gorovenko*, N. Kostyukova, S. Vydyborets,
S. Kyryachenko, L. Gorenko, V. Mazurik,
O. Popova, Z. Rossokha (Kiev, UA)
Integrated DNA extraction and purification
on an automated microfluidic lab-on-chip
from bacterial pathogens causing
community-acquired lower respiratory
tract infections
L. Van Heirstraeten*, T. Roeser, P. Spang,
B. Nieto, M. Camps, B. Landgraf, C. Schwind,
K. Drese, M. Ritzi-Lehnert, H. Goossens,
S. Malhotra-Kumar on behalf of the TheraEDGE
(European Commission, 7th Framework
Programme) WP 2, 3 and 5 study groups
Reduction of workload of microbial
gastroenteritis diagnostics by molecular
W.A. van der Reijden*, C. Nguyen, T.G. Mank,
R. Jansen (Haarlem, NL)
Evaluation of the PNA FISH® technology
for yeast identification directly from positive
blood cultures. An Italian experience
C. Farina*, S. Andreoni, C. Bonetti, P. Casella,
M. Conte, P. Fazii, G. Lombardi, F. Luzzaro,
E. Manso, P. Marone, C. Morazzoni, M. Passera,
S. Perin, A. Rocchetti, S. Sanna, E. Viganò
on behalf of the Medical Mycology CommitteeAssociazione Microbiologi Clinici Italiani (AMCLI)
Comparison of culture with two different
qPCR assays for detection of rectovaginal
carriage of Streptococcus agalactiae
N. El Aila*, I. Tency, G. Claeys, H. Verstraelen,
P. Deschaght, E. Decat, G. Santiago, P. Cools,
M. Temmerman, M. Vaneechoutte (Ghent, BE)
Rapid identification of yeasts by PNA-FISH
in patients with candidaemia
S. van den Tempel, V. Özenci, L. Klingspor,
M. Ullberg* (Stockholm, SE)
Clinical consequences of using PNA-FISH
U.S. Jensen*, J. Knudsen (Copenhagen, DK)
Integration of affordable molecular
detection of beta-lactamase genes with the
CDS disc diffusion method of antibiotic
susceptibility testing
I.W. Carter*, J. Pham, S.M. Bell (Sydney, AU)
21st ECCMID / 27th ICC / Milan
Final Programme
Monday, 9 May