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Exhibitors Guide
Seegene Inc.
Serion Immundiagnostica GmbH
Stand No. 227
Seegene Inc.
8,9F Taewon Bldg 65-5 Bangyi-Dong Songpa-Gu
138-050 Seoul / Korea
Stand No. 539
Serion Immundiagnostica GmbH
Friedrich-Bergius-Ring 19
97076 Wuerzburg / Germany
Joanna Ahn
+82 2 2240 4022
+82 2 2240 4040
Seegene, Inc. is a leading developer of multiplex molecular
diagnostics (MDx) products.
Seegene tests can be used to diagnose a wide range of disease,
including respiratory infections, STDs, TB, sepsis, HPV, meningitis,
diarrhea, H1N1, and many drug resistant pathogens. Seegene also
provides personalized genetic tests for diagnosing thyroid cancer
and leukemia.
Frederic Paquet
+49 931 3045 580
+49 931 3045 590
German in-vitro diagnostic company with 30 years of experience.
Extensive high-quality product portfolio for the diagnosis of infectious diseases.
SERION ELISA classic: quantified antibody detection in human
serum, plasma and cerebrospinal fluid against viral, bacterial,
fungal and parasitic infections; SERION ELISA antigen: direct antigen detection; Immunomat: automated ELISA processor; SERION
Multianalyt particle-based Immunoassays for Flow Cytometry:
allow simultaneous antibody detection against multiple antigens;
Complement Fixation Tests
Sekisui Virotech GmbH
Michael Becker / Denise Dimmick;
+49 6142 6909 16
+49 6142 9666 13;
Sekisui Virotech and Sekisui Diagnostics develop, manufacture and
market a wide range of products for the detection of Infectious
Sekisui Virotech offers ELISAs and Line Immunoassays. Its microbiology panel is based on a microplate system for bacterial identification and susceptibility testing. In addition a panel of enterodiagnostic antigen detection ELISAs is offered.
Sekisui Diagnostics offers point-of-care rapid assays.
Siemens AG, Healthcare Division
Stand No. 221
Siemens AG, Healthcare Division
Henkestrasse 127
91052 Erlangen / Germany
Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics is the leading clinical diagnostics
company in the world. We are committed to providing clinicians
with the vital information they need for the accurate diagnosis,
treatment and monitoring of patients.
Our comprehensive portfolio of performance-driven systems,
unmatched menu offering and IT solutions, in conjunction with
highly responsive service, is designed to streamline workflow,
enhance operational efficiency and support improved patient care.
The depth and breadth of our diagnostic solutions-chemistry,
immunoassay, automation, hematology, hemostasis, microbiology,
diabetes, urinalysis, blood gas and molecular testing are designed
to meet the growing demands of our customers, today and tomorrow.
21st ECCMID / 27th ICC / Milan
Final Programme
Industrial Exhibition
Stand No. 205
Sekisui Virotech GmbH
Löwenplatz 5
65428 Rüsselsheim / Germany