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Poster Sessions
Tuesday, 10 May
Human papillomavirus infection prevalence
in Spain. Preliminary results of a screening
programme in Castilla y León, Spain
M.L. Fernández Rueda, N. Calvo Sánchez,
A.M. Blázquez de Castro, M.N. Gutiérrez
Zufiaurre, S. Muñoz Criado, J.L. Muñoz Bellido*
(Salamanca, ES)
Rubella susceptibility among women
of childbearing age
N. Terzi, A. Papanagiotou, A. Charalabopoulou*,
A. Bliamou, H. Chrysopoulou, D. Togas,
G. Iliopoulos, K. Tzanetou (Athens, GR)
Selection of molecules disrupting proteinprotein interactions within the vaccinia
virus replication complex
O. Flusin*, L. Saccucci, P. Colas, J.-M. Crance,
F. Iseni (La Tronche, Grenoble, Roscoff, FR)
Systematic control of rubella virus infection
in pregnancy in the childbearing population
in Emila-Romagna region, Italy
P. Billi*, D. Marchetti, S. Semprini, E. Magrini,
M. Della Strada, S. Ghirelli, L. Morotti,
S. Antonelli, C. Rovinetti, R. Dorizzi
(Pievesestina Cesena, Bologna, IT)
Inter-alpha inhibitor proteins exhibit
antiviral activity against influenza virus
strains in vitro
E. Christaki*, J.E. Palardy, N.A. Parejo,
D. Lambrelli, Y.-P. Lim, S. Opal
(Providence, US; Thessaloniki, GR)
In vivo protection against Old World
arenaviruses using phosphorodiamidate
morpholino oligomers with positionally
specific positive molecular charges added
to monomers to backbone
T. Warren, A. Shurtleff, J. Wells, F. Schnell,
D. Mourich, S. Bavari, P. Iversen*
(Fredrick, Bothell, US)
Infection of human intestinal cells and mice
with pepper mild mottle virus, a plant virus
F. Balique, K. Al Moussawi, A. Ferretti, C. Nappez,
H. Lecoq, J.-L. Mège, D. Raoult, P. Colson*
(Marseille, Montfavet, FR)
Kaposi sarcoma-associated herpesvirus
saliva shedding in children and mothers
in Uganda
R. Romano*, F. Tabacchi, G. Russo,
S. Gramolelli, S. Verzaro, F. Marinucci,
G.M. Paganotti, A. Gaeta, M. Coluzzi
(Rome, IT; Baltimore, US)
190 21st ECCMID / 27th ICC / Milan
Final Programme
Prevalence of anti-hepatitis E virus
antibodies in HCV chronically infected
patients in southeastern France
R. Gérolami*, P. Borentain, A. Motte,
P. Colson (Marseille, FR)
Increasing CD4+CD25hiFoxP3+ regulatory
T-cells in subjects after repeated booster
doses of rabies vaccination
P. Vejpongsa*, P. Leelasinjaroen, P. Sodsai,
N. Hirankarn, T. Tantawichien (Bangkok, TH)
12:30 – 13:30
Viral hepatitis
Premature stop codon in HBV S gene among
several patients groups from the Middle East
M. Vaezjalali*, S.M. Alavian, B. Behnava, T.M. Azad
(Tehran, IR)
Molecular epidemiology of HCV in Morocco
A. Benani*, W. Baha, N. Dersi, M. Ennaji,
F. Lazaar, A. El Malki, M. Hassar
(Casablanca, MA)
Evaluation of a novel quantitative
HCV Core Ag immunoassay for the study
of chronic hepatitis C
C. Bartzavali*, S. Vamvakopoulou,
E. Jelastopulu, E.D. Anastassiou, M. Christofidou
(Patras, GR)
The prevalence of HCV infection among
surgical nurses, midwives, their patients and
blood donors: a cross-sectional sero-survey
M. Ganczak* (Szczecin, PL)
Viral hepatitis B and C among homeless
people living in south-eastern France
P. Colson*, E. Botelho-Nevers, H. Richet,
S. Badiaga, D. Raoult, P. Brouqui (Marseille, FR)
Hepatitis delta in Marseille, southeastern
M. Plumelle, A. Motte, M. Henry, M.-H. Romera,
C. Tourrès, A. Ferretti, C. Tamalet, P. Colson*
(Marseille, FR)
Frequency and clinico-laboratory features
of mix-infections, caused by CMV and
HSV (1/2) in pregnant women with chronic
HBV- and HCV-infection in Ukraine
V.A. Boyko*, T.A. Achkasova, G.V. Batsyura,
M.T. Gafarova (Simferopol, UA)
Acute and fulminant hepatitis B in public
hospitals of Marseille, southeastern France
L. Panassié, P. Borentain, C. Nafati, G. Bernardin,
B. Doudier, V. Thibault, R. Gérolami, P. Colson*
(Marseille, Nice, Paris, FR)