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Poster Sessions
Tuesday, 10 May
Healthcare-associated infection in
haematopoietic stem cell transplantation
patients during a ten-year period (2001 – 2010)
E. Mendes*, M. Vieira, F. Dulley, M. Basso,
T. Guimaraes, S. Costa (São Paulo, BR)
18F-fluorodeoxyglucose positron emission
tomography/computerised tomography
(FDG-PET/CT) scanning in persistent febrile
neutropenia: a pilot study
S. Guy*, A. Tramontana, E. Lau, R. Hicks,
J. Seymour, K. Thursky, L. Worth, M. Slavin
(Footscray, Melbourne, AU)
Bacteraemia due to Enterococcus faecium
in cancer patients: clinical features,
antimicrobial susceptibility, and outcomes
M. Bodro*, J. Ayats, C. Gudiol, C. Garcia-Vidal,
C. Ardanuy, M. Cisnal, M. Cubero, G. Ortí,
M. Antonio, J. Carratalá (Barcelona, ES)
Description of C. difficile clinical
characteristics in onco-haematological
and stem cell transplant patients
J. Gerhardt *, M. Vieira, F. Spadão, J. Nobrega,
F. Dulley, G. Fonseca, T. Guimaraes, S. Costa
(São Paulo, BR)
The impact of microbiological factors on
course and outcome of febrile neutropenia in
paediatric cancer patients
H. El-Mahallawy*, A. Abdulall, S. Lotfy,
R. Abdel Hai, L. Shalaby (Cairo, EG)
Outcome after a long-term intravenous
catheter-related bacterial infection in
oncology: results from a prospective
monocentric study
D. Lebeaux*, V. Zarrouk, B. Larroque,
V. Leflon-Guibout, C. Dreyer, S. Bialek,
A. Froissart, O. Hentic, C. Tessier, B. Fantin
(Clichy, FR)
Antibacterial prophylaxis for patients
receiving high-dose chemotherapy with
autologous haematopoietic stem cell
transplantation: a randomised-placebo
controlled trial on the efficacy and safety
of moxifloxacin
J. Vehreschild, G. Moritz, M.J. Vehreschild,
D. Arenz, M. Mahne, H. Bredenfeld, J. Chemnitz,
F. Klein, B. Cremer, B. Böll, I. Kaul, M. Hallek,
C. Scheid, G. Wassmer, O.A. Cornely*
(Cologne, DE)
192 21st ECCMID / 27th ICC / Milan
Final Programme