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Poster Sessions
Tuesday, 10 May
12:30 – 13:30
Development of amphotericin B
deoxycholate-induced nephrotoxicity
is associated with induction of a net
pro-inflammatory cytokine profile
L. Chai*, L. Khin, B. Tai, A. Vonk, H. Schlamm,
R. Herbrecht, P. Troke, M. Netea, B. Kullberg
(Nijmegen, NL; Singapore, SG; Rotterdam, NL;
New York, US; Strasbourg, FR; Kent, UK)
VZV glycoprotein E: a novel serological
antigen for the discrimination between VZV
CNS infection and HSV-1 encephalitis
A. Grahn*, E. Thomsson, M. Studahl,
T. Bergström (Gothenburg, SE)
Occurrence of immunoglobulin M antibodies
against several bacterial and viral pathogens
in acute hantavirus infection
N. Wellinghausen*, A. Goetz, U. Weber
(Ravensburg, DE)
Evaluation of a rapid detection kit using
immunochromatography for adenovirus
G. Antonaki, M. Matsas*, F. Antonopoulou,
P. Xenos, I. Paraskakis (Athens, GR)
Diagnosis of viral infections
Time-dependent sensitivity of rapid antigen
test in patients with 2009 H1N1 influenza
C.S. Lee*, J.H. Lee, C.H. Kim, E.S. Kim, B.N. Kim
(JeonJu, Jeonbuk, Goyang, Busan, KR)
Clinical performance of a rapid antigen
detection test for pandemic influenza A/H1N1
M. Selleri*, S. Meschi, E. Lalle, F. Ferraro, V. Puro,
F.N. Lauria, M.R. Capobianchi (Rome, IT)
Evaluation of a new rapid test for influenza
A and B viruses detection and pandemic
A/H1N1 2009 influenza virus subtyping in
respiratory samples
N. Leveque*, D. Talmud, F. Renois, C. Barbe,
L. Andreoletti (Reims, FR)
Performance evaluation of a new ELISA test
detecting influenza A/H1N1pdm-specific
IgG and IgA
C. Castilletti, D. Lapa*, P. Marsella,
M.R. Capobianchi (Rome, IT)
Study of norovirus infection from stool
samples in transplant recipients or intensive
care unit patients from a children's hospital
with an antigen detection enzyme
immunoassay test
A.M. Mehlis*, Z. Rentero, S. Garcia-Bujalance
(Madrid, ES)
Comparison of Epstein-Barr virus tests on
Immulite with Enzygnost/Novagnost tests
I. Verstreken, K. Lagrou* (Louvain, BE)
Evaluation of new extremely rapid EpsteinBarr virus VCA-IgG, EBNA-1-IgG and VCA-IgM
assays using immunofluorescence as
B. Gaertner*, A. Halfmann, E. Heinzel
(Homburg, DE)
Analysis of the results of the SEIMC external
quality control programme in the detection
of gastrointestinal viruses
N. Orta*, M.R. Guna, M. Poveda, M. Ovies, E. Ruiz
de Gopegui, J.L. Perez, C. Gimeno (Valencia, ES)
12:30 – 13:30
HIV-1 is able to infect resting TCD4+ cells
efficiently in a short time of viral exposure
J.T. Maricato*, W. Alkmim, P. Fincatti,
S. Nascimento-Brito, J. Machado Jr., L. Janini
(São Paulo, BR)
Prevalence of primary resistance mutations
and influence of integrase polymorphism on
virological outcome of Raltegravir-containing
anti-retroviral regimens
V. Guillot*, N. Chueca, M. Alvarez, A. Peña,
M. D. Merida, J. Lopez-Bueno, J. Parra-Ruiz,
J. Pasquau, J. de la Torre, F. Garcia
on behalf of RAL-CoRAO
Regulation of APOBEC3G as therapeutic
strategy to control HIV-1 infection
L. Ferreira*, A. Ramos, J. Gonçalves, I. Soeiro
(Lisbon, PT)
Cell entry to nuclear import: HIV cycle may be
influenced by phosphatases and kinases
A. Godinho Santos*, S. Rato, J. Gonçalves
(Lisbon, PT)
Antiviral drug resistance in HIV-1-infected
individuals. Results from a low-endemicity
area in Germany, comparing patients
with primary HIV infection or antiretroviral
naïve individuals to those with treatment
failures or recurrent blips
T. Grünewald*, S. Weidemann, N. Schmidt,
I. Raila, K. Schreiter, T. Marcello, C. Klein,
H. Müller, A. Pöge, B.R. Ruf
(Leipzig, Hamburg, DE)
21st ECCMID / 27th ICC / Milan
Final Programme