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Poster Sessions
The influence of HAART on the incidence,
clinical presentation and prognosis of
M. Korac*, J. Ranin, D. Salemovic, B. Brmbolic,
D. Jevtovic (Belgrade, RS)
Inflammatory markers and metabolic
syndrome in HIV-positive adults undergoing
highly active anti-retroviral therapy
D. Munteanu*, V. Arama, R. Mihailescu,
A. Streinu Cercel, S.S. Arama, I. Olaru,
A. Hristea, C. Popescu, R. Moroti, D. Ion,
C. Tiliscan, L. Benea, M. Lazar (Bucharest, RO)
12:30 – 13:30
Impaired antibody response to pandemic
H1N1 influenza vaccination in HIV-positive
C. Noah*, G. Mohrmann, G. Beckmann,
H. Sahly, H.J. Stellbrink (Hamburg, DE)
Differences in serum levels of soluble Fas
and FasL in patients with human immunodeficiency virus, human herpesvirus type 8
and herpes simplex virus type 2 infections
O. Dakovic Rode*, A. Markotic, M. Kujundzic
Tiljak, S. Zidovec Lepej, J. Begovac (Zagreb, HR)
Disclosure of HIV serostatus and quality
of life among people living with HIV/AIDS in
N. Hiransuthikul*, Y. Leelukkanaveera,
P. Sithisarankul, N. Buathong (Bangkok, TH)
Evaluation of experienced patients treated
with raltegravir
R.M. Tavares*, N. Luis, T. Baptista, I. Antunes,
A.C. Miranda, D. Fernandes, F. Borges,
F. Ventura, K. Mansinho (Lisbon, PT)
Underreporting and non-adherence to
post-exposure prophylaxis among healthcare
workers in Iranian university hospitals
S. Shokouhi*, L. Gachkar, P. Youhanaee, M. Sajadi
(Tehran, IR; Baltimore, US)
Virology: non HIV/non hepatitis
Factors influencing the duration of illness
in pandemic H1N1/2009
J.H. Cho, J.H. Lee*, Y.H. Park (Seoul, KR)
Secondary bacterial infections in
patients with seasonal influenza A
and pandemic H1N1
K. Liderot*, M. Ahl, V. Özenci (Stockholm, SE)
Virological diagnosis of paediatric severe
respiratory infections during circulation
of pandemic influenza A/H1N1 in Rome
A. Pierangeli, C. Scagnolari, C. Selvaggi,
K. Monteleone, S. Trombetti, E. Di Biase,
C. Moretti, P. Papoff, F. Midulla, G. Antonelli*
(Rome, IT)
Seasonal versus pandemic influenza:
differences in severity, course of illness
and treatment
J.C. Rahamat-Langendoen*, A. RiezebosBrilman, E.D. Tutuhatunewa, E.H. Schölvinck,
H.G. Niesters (Groningen, NL)
Human parechovirus infections in a
hospitalised patient population in Northern
Italy, 2008 – 2010
A. Piralla*, M. Furione, F. Rovida, F. Baldanti
(Pavia, IT)
Type-specific human papillomavirus infection
in female anal and cervical brushings
A. Pierangeli*, F. Cannella, K. Monteleone,
C. Selvaggi, S. Verzaro, C. Scagnolari,
O. Turriziani, M. Indinnimeo, G. D'ettorre,
A.M. Degener, G. Antonelli (Rome, IT)
Antiviral effect of siRNA against Langat virus
in cell culture and organotypic hippocampal
rat brain slices
C. Maffioli*, S. Hofer, S. Leib, O. Engler
(Berne, Spiez, CH)
May oysters favour zoonotic transmission
of norovirus?
M. Pommepuy, H. Maalouf*, J.-C. Le Saux,
N. Ruvoen-Couet, J. Le Pendu, F.S. Le Guyader
(Plouzane, Nantes, FR)
Cerebrospinal fluid findings in patients
with different clinical features of tick-borne
encephalitis treated with glucocorticoids
I. Vanaga*, I. Reinholde, A. Broduža,
J. Storoženko, B. Rozentale (Riga, LV)
Lymphocytic choriomeningitis virus
infection within the same geographical area
(southern Spain) during a three-year period
M. Pérez-Ruiz*, J.M. Navarro-Marí,
M.P. Sánchez-Seco, M.I. Gegúndez, G. Fedele,
F. de Ory-Manchón (Granada, Majadahonda,
Madrid, Alcalá de Henares, ES)
Sporadic detection in children during
a 25-year surveillance in Palermo, Italy,
clarifies the zoonotic potential of G6 rotavirus
F. Bonura, V. Rotolo, M.A. Platia, A. Cascio*,
C. Colomba, G.M. Giammanco, S. De Grazia
(Palermo, Messina, IT)
21st ECCMID / 27th ICC / Milan
Final Programme
Tuesday, 10 May