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Physical Development
Use pp. 411-417, 445-448, and 455-461 to fill in the blanks of the following notes. All responses are found
in the order of the reading.
Conception – Childhood
The male _______________ and the female _______________ unite to make a _______________, a fertilized
egg. This stage lasts from 0-2 _______________.
From 2 _______________ to 2 _______________, the zygote has now become an _______________. This
stage marks the zygote attaching to the uterine wall.
Between 2 _______________ and 9 months, the embryo is now referred to as a _______________ and definitely
begins to look more humanlike.
Nurture affects the development of the unborn baby. Good food leads to a healthy baby.
But _______________, harmful agents such as viruses and drugs all affect development and possible future
Once born, babies prefer _______________ over bodies, the scent and voice of the _______________ over
those of the father, and objects between 8-12 _______________ away (about the same distance as mom’s face
when nursing).
In terms of brain development between 3-6 months, there is a growth spurt of the _______________ lobe.
Coordination follows this order: rolling over, _______________, _______________, walking (about age 1).
Conscious memory does not begin until about _______________ years of age.
Sexual Maturity
_______________ is sexual maturation. For girls, this is marked by their _______________, the first menstrual
period. For boys, this is marked by their _______________, the first time they ejaculate.
Primary sexual characteristics include maturation of reproductive organs and external genitalia. Secondary
sexual characteristics include enlargement of _______________ and _______________ for girls and facial hair
and a _______________ voice for boys.
We reach our physical peak when we are in our _______________.
Women are about _______________ when _______________, the end to the menstrual cycle begins.
Men _______________ experience a similar conclusion to their sexual reproductive abilities.
Most people report little to no sex drive at around _______________ years of age.
_______________ outlive _______________ by about 5 years.
Sensory abilities decline with age.
_______________ pitches cannot be distinguished as clearly.
The retina receives about _______________ as much light as it used to because the _______________ is now
less transparent.
In the elderly, the immune system _______________ against “big” illnesses, such as _______________ and
A lifetime of antibodies, however, makes _______________ less common.
By 80, we’ve lost _______________% of brain weight.
_______________ lobes have atrophied, making us more blunt.
In order to keep a healthy mind, we should _______________.
Chances for Alzheimer’s increase after age _______________.
Symptoms include: _______________ deterioration, a diminishing sense of _______________,
_______________ flatness, disorientation, disinhibition, _______________, and mental vacancy.
Autopsies illustrate loss of brain cells and deterioration of neurons that produce the neurotransmitter
Prevention again can be achieved by exercising the mind and the _______________.