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Journal #31
Write down 3-5 things you know
about Michigan/Chinese Laws
pertaining to Sex.
Provide accurate information about human
Provide an opportunity for young people to
question, explore, and assess their sexual
attitudes beliefs and values.
Help young people develop communication
and decision making skills.
Exercise responsibility regarding sexual
Human Development: reproductive systems
Relationships: Friendships, love and dating,
marriage and parenting.
Laws: Society, underage consent laws
Personal Skills: Personal values and decision
Sexual Health: Contraception, STI’s, regular
exams, reproductive health.
Human Sexuality has been around since the
beginning of time. It’s all around us, in the
media, literature, art, religion, music etc.
Wrote the first literature on sexual intercourse
as a science.
These ancient texts pioneered sexual education
in art and literature.
They viewed sex as a mutual act between
husband and wife and modern India keeps
sexual acts private.
They wrote many philosophies and texts
regarding sex, such as Tantra and Karma Sutra.
130 million women worldwide have been
affected by Female Genital Mutilation.
Mostly practiced in 28 different African
Many African faiths practice FGM openly, it is
also practiced in secrecy in some parts of the
Middle East. Some laws have been passed to
try and ban the use of FGM.
Used for cultural, religious, tradition and
preserving virginity.
In the 1960’s many societal views of sex
Lyndon Johnson was the first president to
endorse the birth control pill.
This was also a time of the Civil Rights
movement and feminism.
Sex and advertising, music, literature, art etc is
at an all time high in our culture.
Over the past two decades, the use of
increasingly explicit sexual appeals in
consumer-oriented print advertising has
become almost commonplace.
Sexuality is considered one of the most
powerful tools in marketing and particularly
Yankelovich, a market research firm, estimates
that a person living in a city 30 years ago saw
up to 2,000 ad messages a day, compared with
up to 5,000 a day.
What products have advertisers used to sex to
Hair Care
What makes an ad “sexy”?
Appearance of the models
Physical positioning
Facial expressions
Lights and colors
What is the difference between sexy ads and
romantic ones?
A lot of romantic ads are in black and white.
There isn’t a power or dominance display
Clothing choices on models
More smiling
The setting is different
What they are selling
Advertisers use this attribute by trying to
associate their products and services with sexy
imagery hoping that some of the “hotness” or
appeal gets attached to their brand in the
consumer's subconscious mind.
It gets the consumer’s attention
It taps in to powerful emotions
It shows fantasy
It makes us want the product based on the images