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Avoiding harmful behaviors, including sexual activity before marriage and the use of
tobacco, alcohol, and other drugs, is known as:
An infection that spreads from person to person through sexual contact
What are effects of alcohol on the body?
Considered the gateway drug and interferes with the immune system and may
permanently damage it.
Since 1926, the leading cause of death in this country has been:
How many fewer calories must be eaten in order to loose 1 pound?
By exercising 3 times a week and eating a healthy diet, one can reduce the risk of
The latest national guidelines state that teenagers should engage in moderate to vigorous
physical activity for how long?
Ways of managing stress include:
The immediate temporary care given to a person who is not breathing until Professional
medical care can be provided
When you have a healthy identity, you will experience
Graduating from high school is an example of a
Compounds that help the body regulate the digestion, absorption, and metabolism of
other nutrients?
A fit person’s heart pumps:
Sign of a healthy dating relationship
What does hypokinetic mean?
Another term for hypertension
The MOST important thing to consider before consuming a food item
American health is best described