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The Crusades Crossword Puzzle
CLASS: ___________________
2 Knights giving care to sick and poor
7 Knights who controlled large territory in
Northern Europe
10 Defeated crusaders at the Battle of
12 King Righard of England agreed with
Saladin for these Christians to see the Holly
13 Result of the 7the and 8th crusades
14 Who was Urban II at the Council of
15 They fought with the Knights in the first
16 Name given to all of the crusader states
1 Result of the 6th and 9th crusades
3 These knights provided safety for
Pilgrims to Jerusalem
4 Crusade with Austria, Hungary,
Germany, Holland and more.
5 Where the armies of the first crusade
joined forces
6 During the fourth crusade what
happened to the Byzantine capital.
8 Godfey of Bouillon was the first king of
9 Defeated the last crusader sate at Acre
11 Muslims recaptured it before second