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Chapter 14-Quiz
Section 1: Church Reform and the Crusades
1.) What time period is considered the dark ages?
2.) What is the difference between Gothic and Romanesque architecture?
3.) What was the main goal of the Crusades? What does the word Crusade mean?
4.) Summarize each of the following Crusades.
a. 1stb. 2ndc. 3rd5.) How many kids were involved in the Children’s Crusade?
6.) What were some of the effects of the Crusade?
Section 2: Changes in Medieval Society
1.) In order to produce more food which animal did farmers switch to from oxen?
2.) Why is farming under the Three-Fields system so effective? What is its
3.) What were guilds and what standards did they help protect?
4.) What are some of the items merchants would trade at fairs?
5.) What was issued to traders to prevent them from carrying massive amounts of
6.) What ideas and technologies did Christian scholars and Crusaders adopt form the
7.) Who were Scholastics?
Section 3: England and France Develop1.) What was the Magna Carta?
2.) What was the purpose of the Estates General and who attended?
Section 4: The Hundred Years’ War and the Plague
1.) What was the Bubonic Plague?
2.) What were the origins and effects of the plague?
3.) What started the Hundreds’ Year War?
4.) How did the Hundred Years’ War change European warfare?
5.) What was the impact of the Hundred Years’ War?
6.) Who was Joan of Arc and what happened to her after she was captured by the