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The Crusades
World History
Call for Crusades
Pope Urban II
issued a call to gain
control of the Holy
 People were
motivated to
Receive forgiveness
of sins
 Gain land
 Experience
 Acquire riches &
Quotes from the First Crusade
“An atrocious torment
began for the besieged
Franj (Crusaders). They
went so far as to drink the
blood of their mounts and
their own urine. They
were seen looking
desperately up into the
sky, hoping for a few drops
of rain in those early
October days”
“The Franj arrived at
dawn. It was carnage. For
three days they put
people to the sword,
killing more than a
hundred thousand people
and taking many
“In Ma’arra our troops
(the Crusaders) boiled
pagan adults in cooking
pots; they impaled
children on spits and
devoured them grilled”
1st Crusade
Crusaders were ill
prepared for war
(knew nothing
about the
climate, or
Muslims were
not united (Shia
vs Sunni, brother
vs. brother, etc.)
Won Jerusalem
along with a
narrow strip of
2nd Crusade –
Was meant to
recapture land but
were defeated and
Saladin took
3rd Crusade -
“Kings Crusade” –
led by Richard the
Saladin and Richard
agreed to a truce in
4th Crusade –
Knights did not
reach the Holy Land
but looted
Effects of the Crusades
Increase in trade
Cultural diffusion
Byzantine Empire weakened
Turned against the Jews
Legacy of bitterness/hatred
Decline of feudalism
Lessened power of pope