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Name Chloe Lynee Allen
Teacher Mr. Josvai
School FLVS (Florida Virtual School)
Crusades Facebook Postings
Directions: Pretend you were just hired by a big time news corporation(Think: CNN, Fox News, MSNBC)!
You are right there in the action of the Crusades- and you need to tell the world what’s happening! Of
course you will use Twitter or Facebook to share your information with the world!
Your assignment is to write posts that certain important figures could have written had social media existed.
Each post will tell about events of the Crusades from the point of view of each figure. Be sure to include events,
and details, including dates as well. Make sure they are in chronological order (an accurate timeline). Cite
specific locations, and explain why they are important. Use at least 2 maps from this lesson. (INCLUDE
THESE MAPS). You should have a total of 3-5 sentences per post.
You will write one post for each of the following:
1. Pope Urban II: Emperor Alexis I Comnenus, in 1095, appealed to me for help in defending the
Byzantine Empire. I took that opportunity, because I yearned for power over my church. My goal... to
take back the Holy Land from the #Infidels we call Turks. I demand that all poor, sick, weak, rich,
peasants, all of you to come to battle, and exterminate this vile race.
Peter the Hermit: I have organized an army of both peasants, and soldiers. We will head to
Constantinople as the People's Crusade! I have found that my Crusade has not gone as planned. We
have met much opposition along the way and almost all of my Crusader's have died. #InPerril I will
keep going until I meet the city of Jerusalem, and there I will give a sermon before the Crusader's take
the city.
William of Tyre: I returning to the Holy Land after much schooling and studies. It is now the year of
1165, and I am aspiring to be a religious official in the city of Tyre. I'm thinking about writing a book.
#GonnaCallItTheHistoryOfDeedsDoneBeyondTheSeaAndHistoryOfJaruselam #Holla!
Saladin: @RichardTheLionHeart My people and I care more about Jerusalem than you think you do.
This has always been our Holy Land. Do not think that my people will give up that easily. We are
defending our land, not fighting for it. You are the aggressors! #NeverGive'nUp
Richard the Lionheart: @Saladin … We are more alike than we are different. I am sure you are tired of
the way this battle has turned out just as much as I am. Towns have been destroyed, people have
been killed, and we are basically down to nothing. I will fight until the bitter end! #DeterminationRulz