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Phosphofructokinase is high concentrations ATP
inhibited by
The rate of glycolysis
and the citric acid cycle
are synchronised by
If citrate consumption
the inhibition of phosphfructokinase by
Creatine phosphate in
muscles break down
releasing energy and phosphate which
is used to convert ADPATP by
only glycolysis occurs
During Anaerobic
glycolysis increases the supply of acetyl
groups to the citric acid cycle
In Anaerobic
Respiration glucose is
broken down
The oxygen debt gets
repaid when
into pyruvate which is then broken
down into Lactic Acid
Activities using slow
twitch muscles include
long distance running and skiing.
exercise comes to a halt and energy
from aerobic respiration is used to
convert lactic acid back to glucose.
Skeletal muscle fibres
Type 1 (slow-twitch muscle fibres) and
fall into two categories: Type 2 (fast twitch muscle fibres)
Slow twitch muscles
many mitochondria, a good blood
supply, high concentration of myglobin
and use fats as fuel
Fast twitch muscles
few mitochondria, a small blood supply,
low concentrations of myglobin and use
glycogen as fuel
Activities using fast
sprinting and weightlifting
twitch muscles include