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TECHDIVINE® Creative Services
Social Media, Design Services, Your SMQ™ & Creative Writing
Techdivine® Creative Services is a Marketing & Creative agency. We offer integrated services in
traditional as well as across interactive online channels.
Our Mission: Enhance customer brand & equity value by using our "ROADMAP" strategy
under our "Your SMQ (Social Media Quotient) ™" process.
Our marketing research techniques and tools will not only help in building a strong brand
across multiple platforms and customers but also helps on reducing the business age by
building a stronger relationship connect with the customers.
We cater to the industry’s varied needs, right from understanding customer insight & in-depth
market analysis to Creative designs and concept art, to planning the correct Market research
tools for implementing a successful Social Media Marketing campaign.
Our Core IP's:
 TD Forum (Over 4,000 members)
 Social Media Connect Blog (Over 10,000 readers globally)
 Your SMQ™ - is a technique and a powerful tool that implements the “ROADMAP”
strategy for successful Social Media Marketing Campaigns
Our Products & Services:
1. Social Media Marketing (SMM):
Plan, Design & Implement customized Social Media Marketing campaigns with Brand
monitoring, SEO, geo-target marketing, QR codes & measuring loyalty experience across
2. Mobile Integrated (SMM) Campaigns: Location Based Target Marketing:
New-age location based target marketing integrated with technology tools for your brand,
product and services for a much larger connect, reach across the right set of demographics.
3. Print Media:
Designing all kinds of marketing and branding collateral
4. Web Media:
Web design & Technology tools, Web blogging, SEO, SEM, Online Branding & Viral marketing
5. Animation:
2D / 3D animation, demo reels for corporate & Walk-through for architectural renderings.
6. Writing:
Website Reviews, Discussion forums, Creative writing and Blogging services
© 2010 All contents are Copyrights of Techdivine Creative Services
TECHDIVINE® Creative Services
Social Media, Design Services, Your SMQ™ & Creative Writing
Our Clients come from varied industries of Banking, Retail, FMCG, IT, Hospitality, Industrial,
MLM, Educational institutions, Art & Creative agencies etc. across INDIA, US & UAE.
Few of our most recent campaigns of Online Marketing & Social Media for following Industries:
Hospitality, Trading & Broking, Creative Art, Advertising agencies, Industrial, MLM,
Publication, Retail, etc.
Our History: Techdivine Creative Services:
Since the last 3 years, we are one of the very few early Marketing & Advertising agencies in
India that has adopted, tested & implemented social media marketing (smm) tools & platforms
across industries and are constantly innovating the SMM process. Also, our well established
Corporate blog – Social Connect celebrated its successful 3rd year readership in 2010 which is
not only a corporate blogging platform, but also a powerful medium for our clients to reach
their messages across organizations & readers globally. Our core strength is the blend of rich
skills & resources integrated with constant up-gradation of technological innovation, Social
connect, location based geo-connect etc for our clients.
Founded by: Ananthanarayanan V in 2007 with a team of skilled professionals. Our Brand &
office got officially registered in Jan 2010 in Mumbai, India.
Our Founder’s Profile:
Diploma Advertising & PR: Welingkars, Mumbai
Diploma Advanced Animation: IIDT, Mumbai
B.Com: Mumbai University
International Skill certifications: Brainbench, USA
Over 9 years of cross-functional corporate industry experience with clients like Kingfisher,
ING, NPCIL, Aptech, NIIT etc.
Other Credentials:
 Book authored: Expressions that was successfully launched & was covered by the
Times Of India Team
 Creative Art works listed in India's Contemporary artist directories
 Nominated for Rashtriya Gaurav Award for work towards various NGO's
 Invited as Honorary Judge across institutions including the elite IIT, Mumbai
 Stood Outstanding in Marketing research at IIMI
 Creatives in 3D work listed across most reputed International CG Societies
The Team:
Techdivine Creative Services has a team of skilled professionals & consultants from varied
profiles assuring timely, innovative and quality services at all times.
Connect With us:
- Email
: [email protected]
- Twitter
: Techdivine on Twitter
- Facebook : TD Studios: Social Media Marketing Services
- foursquare: Techdivine on foursquare
© 2010 All contents are Copyrights of Techdivine Creative Services