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Provedor de dados: 31
Autores: Burton,
Diana M.; McCarl,
Bruce A.; de Sousa,
Claudio N.M.; Adams,
Darius M.; Alig,
Ralph J.; Winnett,
Steven M.
A multiperiod regional mathematical programming model is used to evaluate the potential economic impacts of global climatic
change on the southern U.S. forestry sector. Scenarios for forest biological response to climate change are developed for small and
large changes in forest growth rates. Resulting changes in timber supply have economic impacts on producers and consumers in
forest products markets, both nationally and regionally. Conclusions include outer dimensions of global climate change impacts
and potential effects of smaller biological responses on the forestry sector both nationally and in the U.S. South. Relative impacts
are found to be larger for producers than for consumers, and southern producers experience relatively greater changes in...
Tipo: Working or Discussion Paper
Palavras-chave: Resource /Energy Economics and Policy.
Ano: 1997
Demand for fish in Asia: a cross-country analysis
Provedor de dados: 31
Autores: Dey,
Sirajul; Li,
Madan Mohan; Garcia,
Luping; Radam,
Yolanda T.; Kumar,
Alias; Senaratne,
Praduman; Piumsombun,
Athula; Khiem,
Somying; Haque,
Nguyen Tri; Koeshendrajana,
Fish demand patterns in nine Asian countries were investigated using a multistage budgeting framework allowing a disaggregated
approach to analysing fish consumption. This paper highlights the heterogeneity of fisheries products in terms of species, sources
and cultural responses of consumers, factors that are important in fish demand under the Asian setting. Specifically, fish demand
by income groups were compared to determine how the low- and high-income households respond to price and income changes.
Results showed that the estimated price and income elasticities of all fish types included in the study were relatively more elastic
among the poorer households.
Tipo: Article
Palavras-chave: Asia; Fish demand; Inverse Mills ratio; Multistage budgeting framework; Price and income elasticity; Quadratic
AIDS model.; Demand and Price Analysis; Resource /Energy Economics and Policy.
Ano: 2008
Provedor de dados: 31
Autores: Bach,
Joel P.; Conner,
J. Richard.
A feasibility study of brush for off-site water yield was undertaken in 1998 on the North Concho River near San Angelo, Texas.
Subsequently, studies were conducted on eight additional Texas watersheds. Economic analysis was based on estimated control
costs of the different options compared to the estimated rancher benefits of brush control. Control costs included initial and
follow-up treatments required to reduce brush canopy to between 3 and 8%, and maintain it at the reduced level for 10 years. The
state cost-share was estimated by subtracting the present value of rancher benefits from the present value of the total cost of the
control program. The total cost of additional water was determined by dividing the total state cost-share if all eligible...
Tipo: Conference Paper or Presentation
Palavras-chave: Resource /Energy Economics and Policy.
Ano: 2001