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A multi-period positive mathematical programming approach for assessing economic impact of
drought in the Murray-Darling Basin, Australia
Provedor de dados: 31
Autores: Qureshi,
Muhammad Ejaz; Ahmad,
Mobin-ud-Din; Whitten,
Stuart M.; Kirby,
In the last decade, the Murray-Darling Basin (MDB), Australia faced a severe drought which affected its agriculture production.
Sustainable diversion limits as proposed in the Australian Government’s basin plan together with climate change is expected to
impact on future agriculture production and development in the MDB. We developed a biophysical-economic mathematical model
calibrated against the observed multi-period land use data utilising the positive mathematical programming (PMP) approach to
evaluate the impacts on agricultural production activities of a range of climate events and policy options. This is an extension of
our previous work where the model was calibrated against a single year and focus was on the southern MDB only. The
Tipo: Presentation
Palavras-chave: Integrated hydrology and economic model; Multi-period calibration; Climate change; Drought; Agriculture;
Positive mathematical programming; Resource /Energy Economics and Policy.
Ano: 2012
Relationship between Economic Development Level and Environmental Quality in Qinghai Province
Provedor de dados: 31
Autores: Zhao,
Qinglin; Mao,
Wei; Peng,
Environmental and economic data in the years 1986-2006 in Qinghai Province of China are selected. Based on Environmental
Kuznets Curve (EKC) theory, models of per capita GDP and four environmental indices are established by SPSS software.
Economic development level and environmental quality of Qinghai Province are simulated. Research shows that relationship
between economy and environment of Qinghai Province does not completely accord with U-shaped Pattern of EKC. Fitting curve
of the emission of industrial wastewater shows positive "U"-type, that of waste gas shows the right half of the U curve, and that of
SO2 and solid waste shows a "U + weak inverted U"-shaped curve. Result also indicates that water environment and air pollution
of Qinghai Province are...
Tipo: Thesis or Dissertation
Palavras-chave: EKC; Economic development; Environmental quality; Qinghai Province; China; Research and
Development/Tech Change/Emerging Technologies; Research Methods/ Statistical Methods; Resource /Energy Economics and
Ano: 2009
Forest Carbon Sequestration under the U.S. Biofuel Energy Policies
Provedor de dados: 31
Autores: Yoo,
Do-il; Skog,
Kenneth E.; Ince,
Peter J.; Kramp,
Andrew D.
This paper analyzes impacts of the U.S. biofuel energy policies on the carbon sequestration by forest products, which is expressed
as Harvested Wood Products (HWP) Contribution under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change.
Estimation for HWP Contribution is based on tracking carbon stock stored in wood and paper products in use and in solid-waste
disposal sites (SWDS) from domestic consumption, harvests, imports, and exports. For this analysis, we hypothesize four
alternative scenarios using the existing and pending U.S. energy policies by requirements for the share of biofuel to total energy
consumption, and solve partial equilibrium for the U.S. timber market by 2030 for each scenario. The U.S. Forest Products
Module (USFPM), created...
Tipo: Conference Paper or Presentation