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ambientales complejos; Heterogeneidad; Linealidad de atributos; Utilidad multiatributo; Valoracion; Environmental Economics
and Policy; Resource /Energy Economics and Policy; Q15; Q18; Q25.
Ano: 2007
Panel Presentation: Renewable Energy - Inroads to Agriculture
Provedor de dados: 31
Autores: Page, Gregory R.
Tipo: Conference Paper or Presentation
Palavras-chave: Resource /Energy Economics and Policy.
Ano: 2007
Provedor de dados: 31
Autores: Gemma,
Masahiko; Tsur,
Tipo: Working or Discussion Paper
Palavras-chave: Resource /Energy Economics and Policy.
Ano: 2007
Forestry Sequestration of CO2 and Markets for Timber
Provedor de dados: 31
Autores: Sedjo,
Roger A.; Sohngen,
Forestry has been considered to have potential in reducing the atmospheric concentration of carbon dioxide by sequestrating
carbon in above-ground timber and below-ground roots and soil. This potential has been noted in the Kyoto Protocol, which
identified specific forestry activities for which carbon sequestration credits could be obtained. To date, a few forestry efforts have
been undertaken for carbon purposes, but most of these efforts have been on a small scale. Proposals have been under discussion,
however, that would result in the creation of very large areas of new forest for the purpose of offsetting some of the additional
carbon that is being released into the atmosphere. Concerns are expressed, however, that large-scale sequestration operations...
Tipo: Working or Discussion Paper
Palavras-chave: Carbon; Forests; Sequestration; Leakages; Timber markets; Prices; Models; Resource /Energy Economics and
Policy; Q10; Q15; Q21; Q23; Q24.
Ano: 2000
Rent-Maximization versus Competition in the Western and Central Pacific Tuna Fishery
Provedor de dados: 31
Autores: Hannesson,
Rognvaldur; Kennedy,
John O.S.
Where a fish stock straddles or migrates between country A's exclusive economic zone (EEZ) and country B's EEZ, or the high
seas, vesting ownership rights in the stock with A does not ensure efficient harvesting of the stock. This problem arises in the case
of migratory tuna stocks in the Western and Central Pacific Ocean (WCPO). Four species of tuna reside for only part of the year
in the EEZs of coastal states, many of which are Pacific Island Countries (PICs). Most of the harvesting of the stocks is carried out
by distant water fishing nations such as the USA, Japan, Taiwan, China and Korea. Problems arise for achieving efficiency and