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Palavras-chave: Resource /Energy Economics and Policy.
Ano: 1978
Measuring the Value of Changes in Ecosystem Services from Agriculture: Economic Contributions to
Multidisciplinary Research (PowerPoint)
Provedor de dados: 31
Autores: Swinton,
Scott M.
Tipo: Conference Paper or Presentation
Palavras-chave: Ecosystem services; Economics; Environmental Economics and Policy; Research Methods/ Statistical Methods;
Resource /Energy Economics and Policy; Q.
Ano: 2010
Potential Carbon Sequestration and Revenue from Timber and Carbon Credits for Landowners of
West Virginia Abandoned Mine Lands.
Provedor de dados: 31
Autores: Bouquot,
Chris; Sperow,
An optimal forest rotation model estimates potential value from timber and carbon for owners of WV abandoned mine lands
(AMLs). An OLS regression provides merchantable volume and carbon density for six forest types which could sequester 0.41 Tg
of carbon per year on approximately 33,800 hectares of AMLs.
Tipo: Conference Paper or Presentation
Palavras-chave: Environmental Economics and Policy; Resource /Energy Economics and Policy.
Ano: 2006
Managing Resources in Erratic Environments: An Analysis of Pastoralist Systems in Ethiopia, Niger,
and Burkina Faso
Provedor de dados: 31
Autores: McCarthy,
Nancy; Dutilly-Diane,
Celine; Drabo,
Boureima; Kamara,
Abdul B.; Vanderlinden,
Although 22 percent of land in sub-Saharan Africa is arid or semiarid rangeland, development policies have long been biased
toward crop agriculture. In the wake of the Green Revolution, international and national agricultural research institutions focused
on crop systems and plant breeding. As a result, the customary tenure arrangements that enabled pastoralists to move their
livestock from one grazing ground to another fell out of favor. As climate-related crises and desertification have spiraled,
however, research and policy interest in rangeland management issues have been renewed. As part of its strategy to seek policies
for the efficient functioning of global food systems, IFPRI has been in the forefront of this research. In the 1990s, as part of a...
Tipo: Report
Palavras-chave: Range management; Ethiopia; Niger; Burkina Faso; Pastoral systems; Resource /Energy Economics and Policy.
Ano: 2004
The transformation of irrigation boards into water user associations in South Africa: Case studies of
the Lower Olifants, Great Letaba and Vaalharts water user associations. Volume 1
Provedor de dados: 31
Autores: Seshoka,
Jetrick; de Lange,
Willem J.; Faysse,