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Consumers are faced with increasing numbers of advertisements from
competing companies. To what extent do you think are consumers
influenced by advertisements? What measures can be taken to protect
In contemporary society, with the soaring development of commercial industry, advertisement
enjoys its expansion to nearly everywhere in our life(in the intervals of TV programs, on street
walls and showcases or even printed(这个干脆省略,直接用 on 开头,与前面的几个小短语比
较一致) on the exterior of a mobile bus). Coming with the commerce popularizing is the
debatable issue of the impacts over-commercialized adverts do to(have on 会不会更好呢?) the
individuals, which I personally think it negatively(is negative).
Admittedly, modern advertising is an integral segment of urban industrial civilization, providing
us with abundant choices of better goods and brands. And (删除)because of it, consumption
climbs up and the sales of goods boosts at a staggering pace. However, just as every coin has two
sides, the overtly flood of diversiform advertising pushes consumers to a passive position. To be
more precise, been(being) exposured to differing attracting advertisements, many people find it
difficult to tell the validity of the message and (are)easy to be swayed by flatulent descriptions. It
is common for individuals to mistake the widespread brands which is advertised on billboards
everywhere in the street for a reputed one with good quality and then taken in by the commercial
advertising. Besides, products in an advertisement is(are) always attractive and superior, which
seems rather appealing to people that they purchase it upon impulse, even if the real quality does
not conform to the commentary.
From my perspective, there are two main measures made 删 除 to protecting (to
protect)consumers from the bad impacts of this phenomena., and the integral supervision of
advertising industry comes first. Governments or certain communities should make normative
standards of checking upon the release of every advertisement, putting restraints and banning the
illusory and false message to meet the public(to meet the public 是啥意思?). This can not only
purify the advertising industry, but also limit the quantity of commercial adverts. Moreover,
propagation on commercial distinguishing should be made by the government, which would
effectively ensure the decrease in impulsive purchasing.
In that case, perfect running system would benefit the consumers and franchisers both, leaving the
marketing place in a better atmosphere with orderly commercial advertising and consumption.
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