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Grade 12 Advertising Deconstruction Exploration
In class assignment Part A
As a group, divide the following work up and begin researching. All information MUST
be written down. Once all of your research is complete review your findings with your
You will have two classes to complete this.
1. After watching The Persuaders; create a Code of Ethics for advertising. Be
prepared to present and discuss your code.
2. Research and write down information retaining to the following :
 Colour uses in advertising (find at least 6 colours and what psychological or
intended effect they may have)
 Font and print use and effects in advertising (find at least 6 fonts and what
psychological or intended effect they may have)
 Advertisement layouts (find 4 interesting or informative layout suggestions)
 Parts of an ad: slogan, logo, header, body text, images, copy, product name
(define and find an example that you label)
 Review ethos, pathos, logos, and the advertisement techniques. Check one
rhetoric method you think is the best method to persuade an audience to buy a
product and one technique you think is the best.
3. What is a Target Audience?
 Define “Target Audience” . Your definition must be detailed and include
specific areas for consideration with a target audience.
Research 3 completely different products by:
Identifying the product
Identify the uses the product claims to have
Identify the target audience in detail (age, income, status, gender ,etc)
Find information about how successful these products are (popularity,
length, financial)
*Your information should be typed in order to make copies for all group members.