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Advertisement Presentation Graphic Organizer
What is in your Ad? Write a paragraph describing it. Be very detailed. Start on one side and move across to the other,
as if you were describing your ad to a blind person. “In the upper left hand corner there are shaded dark letters saying …”
What do you want to accomplish with your ad? What are you trying to get people to do? How are you influencing
them to do that in your ad? What specific parts…?
What is the most prominent feature of the product/service you are advertising? What is the most important thing
people should know?
List 3 specific elements and principles of design you used to emphasize the important features & where they are:
Describe how you used each of the following elements in your advertisements & why:
Social demographics: Who are the intended audiences your Ad is designed to appeal too? Who’s going to buy your
product/service? Men? Women? Parents? Kids? Skaters? Punks? What part of your ad directly appeals to that demographic & how
did you use it?
Income level: How much money do your customers have to make to afford your product/service? Do they have to be wealthy? Or
can they be just regular middle income? How does that affect your advertising campaign? What part of your ad directly appeals to
them & why?
How will I close the presentation?