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Ethics 102
Rhonda L. Bishop
Chief Compliance and Ethics Officer
September 17, 2013
Ethical Framework
Ethical Failures
Ethical Decline
Ethical Leadership
What is Ethics?
 Merriam-Webster
1. Discipline dealing with what is
good and bad, with moral duty and
2. Set or system of moral values and
3. A guiding Philosophy
Ethical Framework for Decision Making
Recognize the event, decision, or issue
Get the facts
◦ Who will be impacted?
◦ What are your obligations?
◦ What are possible options and consequences (harm, perception
Evaluate alternative actions
◦ Consider your values and the university’s values
◦ How will each option impact others (fairness, equality, most good)
Decide on a course of action and test it
◦ Is it consistent with our values?
◦ Discuss with others
◦ Do a litmus test (front page of the newspaper test!)
Take action, note the outcome, and reflect
Valesquez, M., Moberg, D., Meyer, M, Shanks, T., McLean, M., DeCosse, D., Andre, C., and Hanson, K. (2009, May) A
Framework for Thinking Ethically. Retrieved from
2012 Ethical Failures
Scott Thompson- former CEO Yahoo
◦ Lied on his resume
Christopher Kubasik – former CEO, Lockheed
◦ Terminated due to an affair with a subordinate
Ernst Lieb – former CEO Mercedes Benz USA
◦ Remodeled his house, golf club expenses, favors
Lance Armstrong – stripped of seven Tour de France
◦ Doping offenses
Graham Spanier – former Penn State President
◦ Child abuse scandal, criminal charges files
Cheating Statistics
High School Students:
College Students:
20% reported cheating in
49% reported cheating in
75% to 98% 2003 to
Engineering and business
majors more likely to
Cheating declined in
2012 for the first time
51% reported cheating in
59% reported cheating in
Cheating begins in
middle school
Source: Josephson Institute for Ethics
Are We in Ethical Decline?
Charles Ponzi
Ethical Failures
1830’s, Trail of Tears and Indian War
against Native Americans
1865 slavery abolished
1920 women allowed to vote
1965 Civil Rights Act prohibited
discrimination based on age, race, religion,
gender and national origin
Ethical Failures
1932 – 1972 more than 400 African
Americans deliberately left untreated for
1950 – 1952 1000 pregnant women given
diethylstilbestrol without consent
1953 James Watson and Francis Crick
discovered DNA – stole key data from
Rosalind Franklin
1956 -1980 Hepatitis experiments
conducted on mentally disabled children
Ethical Failures
2 million children age
3 and up employed in
 1938 Fair Labor
Standards Act
regulates child labor
General Motors Fraud
1920s to early 1940s
 Formed a holding company to buy
streetcar companies
 Replaced them with buses
 Standard Oil and Firestone contributed to
9 million
 1949 – All three found guilty of
conspiracy to monopolize the local
Good News
We as a society are less violent than we
were 30 years ago
Criminologist estimate that homicide rates
are 1/6 of what they were in 1700s, 1/4 of
Divorce rates are the lowest since the 1970s
Teenage pregnancy at its lowest rate in 40
2011 – Americans gave an estimated $347
billion to charity
Boomer and older women give 89% more of
their total income than male conterparts
What Drives Ethical Failures?
Pressure to succeed
Competing incentives
Focus on short term
Belief they will not be caught
Minimize the wrong doing
Different values
What Drives Students to Cheat?
Too much emphasis on test scores from
federal programs:
◦ No Child Left Behind Act
◦ Race to the Top
Emphasis on firing teachers
Lack of response by parents and schools
Better predictors of success are family
income and family education
Seven Habits of an Ethical Leader
strong personal character
a passion for doing right
a proactive behavior
keeping the stakeholders’ interests in mind
a recognition of their value as role models
an awareness that decision making should be
a holistic view of human beings
“I” Project Competition ICAC Winners – Azul, Kiran, Nidhi,Yifan
Ethical Leadership
Lead by example – one person can make a
Educate yourself - be aware of the rules
Use ethics in your decision making
Exhibit selflessness
Don’t be afraid to ask for help or raise concerns
Speak up
No One Said it Would Be Easy
Doing the right thing
is not always easy
Focus on long term
results not short
term successes
Must be visibly
ethical and consistent
Rhonda’s 4 Rs
 Responsibility
 Reconcile
 Remember
“Tough situations don’t build character…
tough situations reveal character!”
Thank You
Contact Information:
Rhonda L. Bishop
University Compliance, Ethics and Risk Office
Millican Hall, Rm 328
[email protected]