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Geography of Judaism
The history of Judaism is based off history and the
Jewish faith.
Abraham was chosen by God to be the father of the
Started out as nomads, Abraham and his family
migrated to Canaan which is now Palestine.
By 1000 B.C., Israel created a kingdom with a
powerful hungry leader named Solomon who built
the city of Jerusalem.
After Solomon’s rule, Israel was weakened by
The First Monotheistic Religion
Believed in one true God while other
religions believed in multiple Gods.
The Israelites viewed themselves as “The
Chosen People” because they were lead out
of bondage into the “promise land.”
Branches of Judaism
Orthodox Jews: Traditional beliefs of Judaism
Reform Jews: Began in Europe 1800s mixed in
with new ideas from Enlightenment era.
Conservative Jews: Another branch created in
1800s that did not agree with Reform Jews.
Mixture of Reform and Orthodox with new ideas.
Secular Jews: People who identify themselves
as Jewish culturally, but not religiously. Pass
through blood lines.
Torah- Hebrew Bible
Created the Ten Commandments
First four- religious duties toward God.
Other six- rules for conduct.
Example: Sabath
Example: “You shall not murder or steal.”
Prophets were formed that preached ethics
of good behavior but promoted all Jews were
equal to God unlike other ancient societies.