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• Using a World Atlas to help you, color in blue
and label the country of Israel on the World
Project Guidelines
• Due December 15th!
• Timeline
• First monotheistic religion.
Belief in ONE god.
• Spread widely and rapidly.
• Numerically small.
Does NOT seek converts.
• Holy book is called the Torah.
• Widely dispersed throughout the world.
• Approximately 13 million adherents.
• Three major branches:
• ORTHODOX: Traditionalists who observe most
ceremonial laws and dietary restrictions.
• CONSERVATIVE: Do not hold the importance of a
Jewish political state, but emphasize the historical
and religious aspects of Judaism.
• REFORM: Liberal wing; culture and race oriented
with little consensus on doctrinal or religious
• Origin and Diffusion
Ethnic Religion (origins of Christianity)
Diaspora: In 70 A.D., Romans forced Jews to disperse
throughout the world.
o Ghetto: During the Middle Ages, a neighborhood in a city
set up by law to be inhabited only by Jews.
• Basic Precepts
Belief in One God
Torah - original 5
chapters of Bible
o Prophecy of Moses
o Coming of the Messiah
still to come
o Atonement
accomplished by
sacrifices, penitence &
good deeds