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Melanie, Ewan, Nicko, Miranda and Jose
Where was it started
The religion started
in Israel.
 3200 years ago
Founder of Judaism
Abraham, Isaac and
Jacob are the
founders of
 Jews believe they
are ancestors of
View of afterlife
They believe death
does not end a
human’s existence.
 They believe they go
to a place similar to
Christian heaven.
 Some people believe
there is reincarnation
Beliefs and practices
They believe in a
single god
 They believe in the
prophecies of Moses
 Moses is the greatest
prophet of all, to Jews
 They pray in a
synagogue or temple.
Holy books and writings
The holy book of the
Jewish people is the
 It tells the story of
the creation of Earth
Majority location of the religion
The majority of Jews
live in the USA and
Israel with 5-6
million each.
 Europe trails behind
with 1.5 million
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